The B.L.A.C.K. philosophy forms the basis of our training courses. There are 5 pillars on which the trainings are built.



B. Behaviour

What is behaviour? Behaviour consists of all the conscious and subconscious actions made by a human being. What are the effects of my behaviour on others? How do others react to my behaviour? How do I become aware of my behaviour in different situations and how can I deal with it?


L. Learning

The ability to learn individually, as a team, and as an organisation. What is the best way to learn about myself, the team or the organisation? How can I apply this effectively? And how do I, the team or the organisation handle or deal with changes?


A. Assertiveness

How do I deal with my needs and thoughts? How do I engage / work with others? How do I take my personal needs, those of the team and the organisation in account?


C. Communication

Communication is the exchange of thoughts, feelings, information and ideas between people. Besides verbal language, communication also includes non-verbal and body language. How does the communication take place within the various layers of the organisation? How can I communicate effectively?


K. Knowledge

Knowledge is an important resource a person, a team or an organisation has to have and be able to control, to complete a certain task. What is the required knowledge? How do I acquire this knowledge? How do I apply the new obtained knowledge?


B.L.A.C.K gives insight into the individual, the team and the organisation in which awareness is essential. Like this we work effectively towards the attainment of common goals.